Laser Projection Art

Project Type: Lasers and Optics

Project Information

Project Description:

The task is to design and build a single color laser-light projector for indoor shows.  The beam from a diode laser is directed through a scanner (x-y galvanometers) that projects a collimated beam spot onto a wall in a fast repeating pattern.  The pattern is programmed from ILDA software, which is the standard protocol for laser projectors and is available as freeware.  Projector components are enclosed for audience safety.

Level of Difficulty: Medium


International Laser Display Association (ILDA), galvos, collimated beam, kilo points per second (kpps), orthogonal, closed loop, vector based graphic data,


How to make a laser projector at home Laser show, Raspberry Pi/Arduino ILDA, November 21, 2016

Home Built Laser Projector, August 16, 2006

FB3QS with QuickShow, Pangolin Laser Systems

Team Roles

Electrical Engineer (2) – Electrical Engineers on the project are responsible for connecting and powering the system elements, which include the x-y galvos, laser module, and system controller.  Care must be taken to avoid electrical interference between the system elements or from the utility power.

Mechanical Engineer (2) – Mechanical Engineers will build the enclosure that houses the system elements while providing spectator safety against stray laser light.  The enclosure must be stable and have an adjustable tilt feature to match the screen size and distance.  Care must be taken to provide a dust-free environment for the optics plus filtered air cooling for the laser.

Optical Engineer (2) – Optical Engineers are responsible for selecting the laser module and making sure the projected spot is well collimated for crisp images at a reasonable distance.  Optical Engineers are also responsible for Team eye safety during construction.  Those handling open-air laser construction and development will wear protective glasses.

Computer Scientist (2) – Computer Scientists will interface the projector to available ILDA software.  Commercial software/freeware may be used or an available graphics package and translator can be built to design the laser show.  Computer Scientists will execute the show before a live audience.

Designer (2) – Designers on the project are responsible for live show safety and other mixed media (e.g. music).  Designers will work closely with the other Engineers and Scientists to provide a safe laser show according to ILDA published guidelines.

Journalist (1) – The Journalist documents the project’s progress on the website, communicates with the local media, and is responsible for a final report to the principal sponsors and Power Mountain Engineering.  The Journalist also works closely with the Multimedia Artist to provide video and graphic art displays for demonstrations that explain the project to the public.  The whole project is your project.

Multimedia Artist (1) – The Artist also documents the project’s progress on the website and works with the Journalist to maintain the project’s presence on social media.  Additionally, the Artist designs and organizes all public relations events to assure spectator safety and to enhance the community’s awareness of science and technology.  The whole project is your project.

Business Manager (1) – The Business Manager is responsible for reporting the project’s progress against a predetermined schedule, determines critical path items to completion, and tracks project spending to assure that costs remain within a fixed budget.  The Manager works with all team members to identify problems early and resolve them quickly.  The whole project is your project.

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