For Parents

Building Bridges

Power Mountain Engineering is a bridging experience between high-school academics and postsecondary studies at either a university or community college. Our purpose is to teach the technical and people skills your student will need to succeed in higher education and the career that follows. More importantly, our volunteers dispense first-hand advice on what to expect along the road to a STEM degree.

Is This Your Student?

We benefit students with a variety of personal interests and attitudes toward school. Do any of these traits sound familiar?

Our multidisciplinary projects appeal to a wide range of interests and our lessons on life are for everyone – be on time, work hard, respect others, show gratitude, be dependable, have integrity, and stand tall for your beliefs.

What Does All This Cost?

Producing a single project costs roughly $12,000 and that includes materials, insurance, and school facility rental. Power Mountain is an all-volunteer operation, so there are no labor charges. The minimum team size is 10 students, so the maximum per-family cost is $1,200.

Our goal is to significantly reduce that cost through community donations and scholarships. The net participation price depends upon how much money is raised.

How to Find Out More

It’s easy!  Sign up for our Newsletter to remain fully informed on…

  • Upcoming events, such as fundraising activities and public demos.
  • New projects added to our growing collection
  • Date and time for our fall-semester Kickoff meeting at Poudre Valley REA

Follow us on Facebook and don’t miss our Blog publications to read brief articles about college life, career opportunities, engineering ethics, and other thought-provoking topics. Students may also visit the project pages and vote for their favorite projects among those offered.

How to Sign Up

If your son or daughter is really interested in Power Mountain Engineering, please have them fill out the Student Interest Form. Their information will remain in strict confidence. Completing the form is the first step toward project participation but without obligation.

When the time comes, fees can be paid on line by filling out and submitting the Parent Fee Payments form. In addition to fees, participating students and parents are required to sign and return the Waiver of Liability and Release and Terms of Participation forms. Both files are attached below and must be collected before the projects commence in October.

Waiver of Liability Form
Terms of Participation Form

A Special Message for Parents of a Future Engineer

Students know that studying engineering in college is difficult so they prepare themselves with AP classes in science and math. Unfortunately, most high school students have only a vague idea of what professional engineers do and no idea of what to expect from the engineering curriculum. As a result, 50% of entering freshmen become disillusioned and drop out around their sophomore year. At Power Mountain, we place high school students with working engineers and engineering students to clarify the college path ahead and describe what work will be like as a new engineer.  We help students make the best career choice for college BEFORE you spend a fortune in tuition on an ill-fated course of study.