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The goal of Power Mountain Engineering is to bring ultra-talented young people into contact with enthusiastic volunteers to build a very complex project while showcasing some of the difficulties and rewards of a professional career in STEM.

We Teach What Business Needs

It’s no surprise that today’s engineering graduate is well prepared in computer-based technologies and applications. According to a 2008 study by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers1, employers give new engineers high marks in the following four categories:

  • Electronic Communication Techniques
  • Technical Fundamentals
  • Computer Modeling and Analysis
  • Interpersonal Teamwork Skills

In the same study, employers also identified the following three greatest weaknesses in new engineering graduates:

  • Lack of Practical Experience – how devices are made and work
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Problem Solving/Critical Thinking

Power Mountain projects move students out of the comfort of a prefabricated project with a preordained outcome to designs based on fundamentals with hard- and soft-skill development in everything from manufacturing to management. As in real life, the outcome of our projects is uncertain and their success depends on how well each team member does their job. Critical thinking, problem solving, and face-to-face communication are all unavoidable elements of the PME experience.

Your business’ participation in the program is a key ingredient to our success and will add to the pool of capable engineers available for hire in the near future. Here are some ways to help:

Student Scholarship

The student projects are technically difficult, exciting, and very expensive. A single project typically exceeds $12,000 for materials, services, insurance, and over 100 hours of facility rental.  Sharing those costs among 10 participating families is a hardship for many and may exclude an otherwise stellar student from a great opportunity.

Your donation helps to make the PME experience available to a greater number of local families. General funds donated to Power Mountain for a particular project will be used to lower the fees for all participating families. Nonspecific scholarship dollars from your business will be used to displace the fee for a disserving student selected by Power Mountain. Scholarships may also be directed by your business to benefit a specific student, such as an employee’s son or daughter.

  • General donations of any amount are welcome, appreciated, and tax deductible.
  • Person-specific and nonspecific scholarships are $1200/student for their full support and $600/student for half support.

Support a Project

Please encourage your employees to participate as volunteers! These projects aren’t easy. They contain technologies that will challenge your best staff members in a fun and rewarding way.  In return, your employees will mentor the very best students in the community while meeting other professionals with a passion about science, engineering, and community giving.

Some of our projects are rather big and building them requires significant amounts of raw materials, supplies, equipment, and fabrication services. Your donation in material support and services is appreciated and will be used to speed the projects along to a successful finish!

To register your interest in helping in some direct way, please fill out the Sponsorship Interest Form.  For more information, sign up for our Newsletter or contact us at or call 970.744.9922.

Power Mountain Engineering is a Colorado 501(c)(3) organization since May, 2013.

THANK YOU!  Friends of Power Mountain

Our sponsors provided volunteers, equipment, materials, services, or cash donations to support our recent projects at Fossil Ridge High School.  Special thanks go to the Fossil Ridge STEM Academy for supporting our afterschool program.


1Allan T. Kirkpatrick, et al., “Vision 2030 – Creating the Future of Mechanical Engineering Education,” Proceedings,2011 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Vancouver, BC, June 26, 2011,