Welcome to Power Mountain Engineering

High Power CO2 Laser built by students at Northridge High School, Greeley, CO

Power Mountain Engineering is an after-school program offering students in grades 8-12 an opportunity to build fantastic projects with volunteer help from local engineering professionals, college students, business leaders, and teachers. The work takes place at a high school near you where the team builds exotic, complex devices using basic design principles. Most projects require around 100 student-volunteer contact hours to complete. In that time, team members have the opportunity to explore diverse career interests from aerospace engineering to earth sciences.

At Power Mountain, our goal is to teach students advanced skills, while advising them on what to expect in a STEM career from mentors who actually have STEM careers. If you’re not college bound, Power Mountain provides advanced training in computer-aided design, manufacturing, and project management. If engineering is your destination, we place you with working engineers and engineering students to clarify the college path ahead.

At Power Mountain, we show that dedicated high-school students can rise to a college-level experience by tapping into the vast reservoir of community knowledge. We use existing school facilities to bring together career-minded students with STEM professionals and other talented adults interested in STEM education. By working together as a team, the students and adult advisers learn the technology necessary to build an exciting showcase machine that may inspire other students to be daring about their education, too.

Power Mountain Engineering is a northern Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and surrounding communities.