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Engineering the Future in STEM Education.


Gear HeadPower Mountain Engineering is an after school STEM program in the physical sciences that allows your 8th-12th grade students to work through multiple challenges to create complex working devices. Your students will receive intense skill and safety training as they work along side local engineering professionals, professors, and business leaders in multidisciplinary teams. Each thirteen-member team contains students with diverse career interests, which could include Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Geophysicist, Chemist, Designer/Systems Engineer, Artist/Videographer, Journalist and Business Entrepreneur.

As a truly diverse team, the students and volunteers build a device from raw materials, communicate their progress to parents and friends, and demonstrate the finished machine to the local community, including various sponsoring organizations and the schools the students represent. 

During each semester of the regular school year, project teams meet after school for two hours twice each week and for three hours on alternate Saturdays.  This schedule produces approximately 100 student-advisor contact hours, which are needed to execute the average project.

  • Provide advanced students a means to explore their full potential in STEM by immersing them in a unique social, scientific, and skill-based challenge
  • Offer students who are interested in science and engineering careers the opportunity to play that professional role before moving on to college
  • Practice the methods professionals use to work as a team in a formal project setting that is constrained by a budget, schedule and design requirements
  • Instill in the students an unshakeable confidence that they can turn very complex ideas into a working device by applying the STEM skills they already have or will acquire through the Program.
  • Build advanced, experimental machines that fire the imagination!